<<<Fukuoka 1Day Bus trip>>>
You can make own your trip with us!
(Lunch & Local tour conductor included)

【Price】minimum¥50,000~/per 1 minibus
5~8 people¥10,000/per 1 person /9~12 people ¥9,000
【Start/End】Whenever Wherever in Fukuoka city!!
【Model course(Itoshima-highlight)】9:00 Fukuoka Airport or your hotel/ Raizan Sennyoji Temple/Lunch at our recommend/Futamigaura (Beach, Ocean view)/ Hamachi Sake&Beer Brewery/5:00 Hakata station, Airport or your hotel

You can also join these tours below!

<<<Fukuoka-Itoshima 1Day Bus trip>>>
¥10,000-(Lunch & Local tour conductor included)

【Start/End】9:00AM 5:00PM Next to Familymart Tenjin 4chome
【May4th(Fri), 5th (Sat)】
Raizan Sennyoji Temple/Local Farmer’s Market/TABIcafe/Asa to Ki to(Goods, Clothes)/Futamigaura(Beach/Ocean view)/Sakurai Shrine

【Jun8th(Fri), 9th (Sat)】
Shiraito Water Falls/Halo Observation deck/TABIcafe/Yakamashi mura(Creator’s village)/Sakurai Shrine/Hamachi Sake&Beer Brewery

【Jul6th(Fri),7th (Sat)】
Shiraito Water Falls/Kamiari Shrine/TABIcafe/Notari(bakery)/ Futamigaura(Beach/Ocean view)/Hamachi Sake&Beer Brewery

【Aug24th(Fri), 25th (Sat)】
Raizan Sennyoji Temple/Local Farmer’s Market/TABIcafe/BLESS LEATHER/ /kokonoki (Goods made in Itoshima)

【Sep6th(Fri),7th (Sat)】
Hamachi Sake&Beer Brewery /Itoshima Ham/ Sakurai Shrine /Dover (Art,Leather goods)/TABIcafe/Nobi kobo(Goods of Cats design)

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